CHASING MAE: You really wanna see this!

We're Chasing Mae from Teesside, UK! A new pop-punk/alternative band with a huge passion for music and with so much inspiration!

You can check us out at www.myspace.com/chasingmae, where we have 3 recently recorded demos! All of the songs we play are ORIGINALS as we deprive ourself of doing covers!

We hope you find the time to check us out, show your support, maybe even add us and leaving a messege or comment!

If you like it... tell your friends... spread the word!

Thank You
Chasing Mae
Your demos are godly. To be honest, this is some of the best pop-punk I've ever listened to. I think my favorite would be New Girl In Town. Keep it up! I added you on MySpace and Twitter (well, following you there).

Wish you the best!

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Is your name in reference to the band Mae?

Nop... me and the guitarist came up with the name and I didnt even realise there was a band called Mae until like... 3-4 weeks ago :P... quite miffed but it wasn't a deliberate thing
As of late this is some of the best music i've heard. It's like hard Blink 182. I really dig it. You brits sure know how to make great music man. Keep up the great work.

also, if you don't mind, check out my band Adriane Enlighten Me:

Haven't found a good band from my home country since Deaf Havana. Awesome music, dude.

edit: I love how you/your guitarist has his xbox gamer tag beside his name Shame I don't have an xbox
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Thanks for the compliments guys! We start gigging in September! If you live anywhere close to us! CHECK US OUT! X We're headlining one of the best teenage Music Scenes in Darlington called NEWBLOOD! Keep an eye out in september for a possible video interview x
Wow, you guys sound great. Good song structures, very catchy.
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I nominate giveitaname87 for UG's "Most likely to be a Serial Killer" award.
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Wow, you guys sound great. Good song structures, very catchy.

thanks very muchly
Today was our final rehearsal for two weeks as our drummer is going abroad for a holiday! But we are 100% ready to gig! <3 BRING EM ON!