So I've got this old Harmony electric guitar that sounds pretty crappy played normally, but sounds AWESOME for slide. Thing is, there's a few uneven frets where it buzzes out. Has anyone tried removing their frets? I know I could just jack the action up, but then I couldn't play the odd note without the slide if I jacked up the action, and I figured making it fretless would still let me play a few 'fretted' notes here and there.

Has anyone tried this?
What keeps you from playing a couple notes without the slide with the action high? You're more likely to have trouble without frets because accuracy is kinda poor fingering with a slide on one finger, and accuracy is key to fretless intonation. The timbre would also differ significantly. Fretless instruments tends to have a more dull, thudding timbre when played pizzicato versus the sharp attack of nickel fretwire and a similar hard-material slide. You might not like the contrast.
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If there uneven, then level the frets.
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take it into a guitar tech/local guitar store and get them to buff the uneven frets out if you dont think you can do it yourself