The intro was kind of repetitive and tad boring, but the chords part was really atmospheric. I like it. Then the chugging riff after that comes and ruins the atmosphere, I don't think it fits at all. And I don't know what to think about the chorus, the harp melody sounds like you didn't think it through.

The intro promises a laid back song with an atmosphere but the verse is like from another song. The solo was kind of boring, because it was all 16th notes and it sounded like it was just finger excercises copy pasted after each other.

I'm sorry but the song is not very good in it's current form.

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The intro got a little boring, maybe add some rythm in the chords or a couple leads somewhere.

The chorus could have used more rythm, like there is at 55.

Other than that the whole harp-metal concept is pretty cool, just needs a little refining.