I've been searching around for a 6 string bass. Initial budget was $500, but I decided to bring my budget down to $300. I was looking at a http://www.rondomusic.com/hxb406gl2ts.html Brice bass for $250. How do these perform. Now, this will be my first bass, but I've been playing guitar for more than 5 years now. So playability is key.
How well constructed are these basses and how is the setup. How big is probability of this thing crapping out on me before i have the means to get a Higher-end bass(It'll be a few years before then). I'm just looking for a 6er to tide me over. I'm not a gigging musician.
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I cannot vouch for the Brice six string because I have never had the opportunity to handle a Brice bass, but I would highly suggest this Ibanez six string. I have handled this one a good amount; I love the contour of the neck, it's very fast and strong. Playability is very comfortable and it will accommodate you very welcomely. I have smaller hands and I totally dig this bass.


From my experience, it has a very full range of tone; highly adjustable. Ibanez has a very good reputation with quality, even in their lower end stuff, so I wouldn't be afraid of it crapping out on you.

I hope this helps; Sorry I couldn't give any input on the Brice. It does look pretty and solid, but that doesn't help much.
If you dont mind having a used guitar, it is possible to snag a used ibanez SR506 for that price. I saw one at a guitar center near me for $300 and bought it right away, I also saw another one in the next city over for the same price (though mine had some chipping on the wood from the previous owners nails digging into the wood, bummer!).
Yep. I'd agree with all the Ibanez people here. I've been playing my 6 for almost 6 years now and love it. I bought it brand new for $450 (layaway, of course!). And the battery life in the actives is unheard of. The feel, the sound, the playability - everything is as it needs to be.

I would highly recommend saving a bit extra and just getting an Ibanez. You won't regret it.