the night's a bit longer now that you're gone.
maybe cause i've got no one to tell me it'll be okay anymore.
maybe cause when you left you never shut the door.
and no one's come through since.

i'd paint that scene inside your head.
paint it as vivid as I remember.
a moon on the edge of full.
that no name town beneath us.

and I can't talk about that night anymore.
cause you done left and shown a man's love this dirty floor.
i know you won't ever shut that door again.
i know you won't ever open that door again.
but i still keep it open.

just kind of sat down and felt like writing, so I did.
Hit "new thread" and just went at it, aha.
I'm not really sure if I like it, to be honest, but posted it anyway.
Will C4C <3
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