iii todayy is myy favourite day!
i went to guitar center and bought:
-MXR Carbon Copy
-Fulltone OCD
-Dunlop 535q wah
-Hercules Wall hangers
-Dunlop cappo

i'm so happy!!!!
Those trips where you end up getting more than one thing are the best. Did you intend to buy all that? I went into GC one time for strings and walked out with a wah pedal...

Wall hangers are pretty great too, I think it looks really classy to have your guitars on the wall. Useful and works as art too.
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i went to buy a delay, but i didnt have a wah so i went with the 535q and i couldn't go out withought an ocd!!
i live in argentina and its all so expensive there so when i come here i buy like an obsessive.

Happy NGD!!!!!! Wall hangers are teh sexay, make sure you go into a stud though or you may not have the proper weight distribution.
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ive got some of that stuff and theyre awesome!
ive also got the capo and its nice too
Lets jump in a pool

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Oh my gurd, I want pics NAO. Get a review and some pics up in this biznitch, I wanna see these puppies.

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in two days i post review and pictures, i'm not home. i'm 3400 miles away!