Hoping I can ask this here, if there's already a thread for this then someone hook me up. Had a look around didn't see anythin...

I watched "It Might Get Loud" recently, you know the jack white/jimmy page/the edge thing, and it really gave me a buzz seeing them play together and what not. As well as that film, the white stripes documentary "under the great white northern lights" I thought was awesome. I was hoping someone could recommend any other movies like those that they've seen, which they found inspiring, or any that they just found interesting.

Any & all suggestions much appreciated...
This Is Spinal Tap
The Dirt (not out yet, but I hear the book is good)
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It Might Get Loud was alright, but the Edge is so damn annoying. Under Great White Northern Lights is awesome, though. Most White Stripes stuff I've seen is inspirational to me.

Anyway, any of Wilco's documentaries are good, I think there are 3 if you count "The Man in the Sand" where they are featured with Billy Bragg. Jeff Tweedy's "Sunken Treasure" is phenomenal as well. Check out those and Wilco's "I am Trying to Break Your Heart" and "Ashes of American Flags".

Also: Bob Dylan's "No Direction Home" and Rolling Stones "Shine a Light"

Pretty much just check the Wikipedia page for any band you like and see if they have any DVD's out.
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I've heard Anvil was great.

That's because this is true.

As soon as I read the title, it's what immediately came to mind.
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pantera's vulgar videos, theres a judas priest one i like, and it might get loud is really good.
The only complaint i have about it might get loud is i've never realized how sloppy page and white are as guitarists...but then again, you can see the feeling that goes through their playing, which is why they are so awesome, which in itself makes it a pretty iinspiring documentary.
I can only assume as of right now but that new RUSH documentary: Beyond the lighted stage should be good. As soon as its out, I'll find it and watch it.
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Seriously. The single most inspiring and moving band documentary/live DVD I've ever seen. Ever. Absolutely stunning.
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loudQUIETloud, documentary about Pixies' reunion. Considering how bad Frank Black and Kim Deal's realationship was it's kind of nice to see them reconcile.
Also you get to see Frank Black's man tits and it's HOT.
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All Excess.

Really good documentary about A7X. Highly recommend it.


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I just watched John Entwhistle: An Ox's Tale and found it pretty interesting.
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I can only assume as of right now but that new RUSH documentary: Beyond the lighted stage should be good. As soon as its out, I'll find it and watch it.

Yes. Not to heap Fassa levels of Rush praise here, but it's unbelievably good.
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The Rolling Stones - Exile on main street documentary is pretty awesome.
If you like the Stones, you'll love it!
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It Might Get Loud was a great movie, even though I watched it on an airplane with crappy sound.

Spinal Tap, The Kids Are Alright, and Gimme Shelter are also good.
Ramones - End of the Century
Sex Pistols - The filth and the fury
American Hardcore

This is assuming you enjoy punk. But I HIGHLY recommend end of the century
Showbread's "How Showbread Ruined My Life" documentary was amazing... their newer "Nothing Matters Anymore" was shorter but still great. Both highly recommended. They're fun to watch even if you're not really a fan.
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I love the documentary on Parkway Drive: It shows their humble beginnings from being surfers who wanted to make heavy music in Australia to touring without a label, and picking tour spots based on surf locations
The Anvil documentary was pretty insane. Great for seeing a band still kicking after everyone else around them got famous and they never got their break.

There's a new one on the documentary channel called RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Totally amazing. Talks about how new artists sample songs and make it their own, the downfall of copyright laws, and about the internet downloading and record companies. I had a general idea of everything he talked about, but it's just mind boggling of how things have changed. Definately my new favorite documentary. Anyone else seen it?

Edit: Oh, also so one on merle haggard yesterday. I think it was on pbs. Great story of being in trouble with the law and how he came out of it to become a huge songwriter in country/folk music. The most interesting thing was I guess how Dick Clark tried to get him to record some pop music because he thought he could crossover and become rich, and he replied. "That's not what I do."
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Whatever you do don't waste your time watching Some Kind of Monster. Its shit.
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Seriously. The single most inspiring and moving band documentary/live DVD I've ever seen. Ever. Absolutely stunning.

I came here just to say this .
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Control is an excellent film to watch for Joy Division. It actually had the band member's input as well as Ian Curtis' widow helping with the filming too, plus it was filmed by Anton Corbijn (who filmed a lot of Depeche Mode and U2 videos).

Also, yes, Anvil is a great film. Nearly everyone I know loved it.

I MUST also mention RUSH: Beyond The Lighted Stage. I'm waiting for the DVD because nowhere in the UK seemed to show it.