WOW.. Your first time up on stage and you ROCKED man.
Great work both with the lyrics, chord progression and guitar work.
Your vocals really filled the room and you sang with confidence. Goes a long way towards selling the song to the audience.

Nothing negative to say about this one man!

Feel free to comment on anything in my profile!
Its a good live performance, nothing more to be said. doesn't really build up anywhere but thats a stylistic difference more than a reflection of competence. You've got a very good voice for an acoustic guitar kinda setting. As said really fills the room.

Edit: forgot to add in a song link or two.
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not sure where you wnted me to leave the comment on your song so i'll just post it here, over all it sounded good although the timing seemed kinda off at times, though not sure if that's an effect that you were going for as it's a type of music that I don't often listen to.