I recently bought an alesis multmix 4 channel audio interface and download audacity for free. I have never really recorded anything before, but I noticed there was some static or buzzing coming through on my acoustic recordings. It doesn't really overpower the guitar, but you can still hear it. My friend was telling me that there is a way to lower this "buzz", through a setting on audacity, but he didn't know. I was wondering if any one here knew how because I would like to lower this annoying sound. Thanks. I also understand that I bought relatively cheap equipment, so that may not be possible, but I would like to try anyway.
Basic things that work for me are recording FAR away from your computer. It may be your pickups catching some interference from your PC
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Audacity may have some sort of plug in thats a noise reducer like waves xhum or xnoise. try searching google and see b/c ive never used audacity
Most plug-ins that reduce noise reduce the good stuff as well---- your best approach is to avoid letting it in. Are you recording at hot enough levels?
At a guess without seeing your setup i'd say that was your computer. The pickups of the guitar or mic will pick up the noise of the fan and radiation from the monitor can also cause interference. Try recording far away from the pc and turn the monitor off.