Today I stopped in Willcut Guitars and picked myself up an Ibanez RG350MYE. It's very yellow haha. This guitar has the best sounding stock pickups for a midrange guitar I've ever heard. Everything is wonderful EXCEPT the mother lipping Edge III tremolo!!!! This thing is the root of all evil.

So I was wondering if it would be possible to take that out and have it replaced with an Ibanez ZR tremolo? I could easily get one on ebay.

Here's what Ibanez has to say about the guitar, if you need specs/dimensions, etc...


If it doesn't fit, or is impossible, what would work? Would an Edge?
oh my goodness, that is very sexy in yellow. i love the fretboard.

SUPPOSEDLY a edge pro or an official floyd rose will drop right in. if you're talking about the ZR with the ball bearings, i know it will NOT fit, the posts are way too far apart.

i say supposedly because most of the time they fit, but occasionally a circumstance will come up that they wont due to a tiny piece of wood or soemthing.
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nope,..afaik it has a unique stud spacing so that no tremolo is a direct swap for it(EZ)

MAJOR EDIT:OOOOOPppps..I thought you were talking about the edge zero,you miht be able to fit a ZR trem with some extra routing,but its no direct swap
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No, the ZR trems are completely different systems than your standard Edge's or Floyd Roses.

But in the FR sticky, there is a list of what is compatible with the Edge III. I've heard some say that an OFR isn't a direct replacement though. In any case, an Edge should work.
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Edge pro is the upgrade you can do.
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did you just quote a dream theater song???? hahah

Your Best bet is a Edge Pro or a OFR
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Why do you say the Edge 3 is the root of all evil? TBH, it just sounds like you just don't know what you're doing since the only thing that's bad about the Edge 3 is the low durability. And since you got it today, I doubt that's the problem. It's likely that all trems will "be the root of all evil" to you.