Thinking of buying a Mandolin in a day or so and I'm just wondering what would be the better choice? Not looking for anything fancy just a cheapo one to fiddle around on.

I'm looking at either this.


Or this.


Thanks for the help.
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bad links mate
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They are very similar. Wouldn't be surprised if they came out of the same Chinese factory.

However...I just bought the Fender. Nice little "kit"; you get a pretty decent little electronic tuner, a gig bag, a mostly-useless instruction book, a strap, and a set of strings. I got the whole shebang on sale for a bit over 200 bucks.
Now, as to the instrument.
I am pleasantly surprised. No, it is not a Gibson F5. Since you have to part with about 16,000 bucks for one of those....
But it's playable and it sounds decent. Mine was properly intonated and the action is playable if not perfect. I see where I can adjust it down just a smidgeon at the nut.

In short, a good, playable "entry level" instrument. I imagine the Epiphone would be in the same category.
I myself would get the epiphone, because I'm not a big fan of fender acoustic instruments...that being said, I've played them and seen people play them. Fender mandolins aren't bad, but I'd either go with the epiphone or look at other options. You should be able to get something with a solid top for around $200, which is usually a better tone. I got a washburn M1 Starter pack or something a few weeks ago and It's very nice, $200. I'd say look around more, some good brands are epiphone, kentucky, washburn...there are others but I can't recall them at the moment.
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I'd go to some local stores and look for some used ones. I wouldn't buy a mandolin, especially a cheap one, on the internet without playing it.
Neither of those.

A Kentucky KM-150 would be a better choice, they have all soild wood and play wonderfully, and you would be more satisfied with it in the end. They go for about $230-$250usd depending where you buy.

With a mandolin you can sometimes get alot more for the money, this is the case with the KM-150. I have played mandolin for a few years and own several mandolins and I can tell you with certainty the KM-150 is a beast of mandolin. But I don't know if you can find them in Australia, if you can they are worth a look.
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Thanks for all the replies people!

I might just end up getting the Epiphone one. It's the cheapest one out of the lot I have seen and in Australia we pretty much get ****all choice/variety in instrument brands so those are basically what I have to choose from.

Thanks for all your help!