I was wondering if anyone knew of any songs that sound similar to each other, maybe the key the song is in or the guitar riff.

the only ones i know are
No Class - Motorhead/Tush - ZZ Top
Washington Is Next! - Megadeth/Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
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What's Left of the Flag/Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
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Youtube-search "Metal that sounds like other metal"; you'll be surprised.
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Time Bomb by Godsmack is a blatant ripoff of Last by Nine Inch Nails
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Mechanix by Megadeth/ The Four Horsemen by Metallica
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Mechanix by Megadeth/ The Four Horsemen by Metallica

Dave took the riff with him to Megadeth so it's obviously the same,But Metallica's version is better.
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