I recently ordered a custom model from Carvin guitars about a week ago, nothing too crazy, and my order is still "Processing."

Could anyone shed some light on this processing and how long it should be taking?

Just curious as I'm getting into a bunch of stuff this month I wouldn't mind havin' my new axe to swing around at.
Custom Guitars usually take quite a while to make I think. So maybe months!
I know Jackson Custom Shop take 4-6 months to make an order.
So my guess is that it's "Processing" as in, they haven't even started building it yet!
Yeah, custom guitars usually take several months to make, not including shipping time.
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wtf, you ordered a custom guitar a week ago and it hasn't been delivered yet? Open a dispute with your credit card's fraud department.

Ok, but seriously, it's going to take a couple of months. Carvin will send you an estimated shipment date in the next little while. Just be patient. Carvin gear is always worth the wait.
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I remember the "processing" stage took a while. Come to think of it, it could have been in that stage up until they shipped it. I wouldnt worry, I'm sure they have already started building your geet. Mine arrived a few days earlier that the expected date on the little card they sent me in the mail. Congrats on your purchase, what'd ya get?
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