Ok so my AVT150 died and I'm looking for a used Marshall all tube head preferably for less than £400. I was thinking about a tiny terror or a valve junior but I've decided to go for a big boys amp instead
After much consideration I've narrowed it down five -

that's a lot of amps. I know what you're gonna say - "try them out". The problem is I can't really test any of these amps because there aren't any music stores that stock them for MILES and I don't drive. So I'm hoping someone who knows a lot more than me could suggest which amp is more suited to my styles?

I play a lot of Smashing Pumpkins, QOTSA, Pearl Jam, Foos, Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails. For some songs I need a really good clean sound, for some I need a decent medium gain marshall crunch - whether I get this through an actual OD channel on the amp, or a pedal, I don't really mind - whatever would sound good and be the easiest set up.
I use a Big Muff for all my leads and heavier rhythm bits (or for Pumpkins songs)
I'm putting it through a 1936 2x12 cab and I play an Epi Les Paul.

So yeah out of those amps, I'm basically into whichever one has a really good clean channel and can do a good overdrive sound (nothing extreme). But bear in mind I also need an EASY way to switch from clean to overdrive to big muff, sometimes all at once without tap dancing, so I need an amp that can handle that (somehow?)
and I do play at lowish volumes as well so I don't want a stupidly loud amp

I've got no idea about tube amps, this will be my first so hopefully someone can enlighten me about the differences between these amps and point me in the right direction?
Thank you!
Are you willing to try other brands?
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I'd rather stick with marshall to be honest. I know one of the amps I mentioned would be perfect for me, I just don't know which one yet!
Maybe you should branch out...only one of those bands uses Marshall or a British voiced amp.
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well actually Pumpkins do (JCM 800) and Pearl Jam use Marshall of some kind. Dave Navarro uses a JCM 900.
I'm not trying to emulate these bands anyway it's just that's the kind of music I play

so yeah, JCM 900? the only thing that puts me off is that a lot of people have said the cleans don't get clean, the OD sounds crappy and uses diodes, and it's really really high gain? would it work for what I need?
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i think the 900 would work fine for you. and it isnt really really high gain. think grunge level gain. really its perfect for 90s sounds. 90s, 900, wait a minute....
thanks everyone. and it can definitely get a really good, sort of vintage sounding low gain overdrive tone as well as a warm, sweet clean? and they're footswitchable yeah?
if it can do that, and takes pedals well I'm sold!