G'day UG.

I'm looking for an amp that can go from something like the intro tone for Black Label Society's "Machine gun man" to something like Pantera's "5 minutes alone" and some Punk, Dethklok and Arch Enemy aswell. I'm playing on an Epi ZW LP.

Valve: Yeh
Combo: Yeh
Wattage: Nothing insane really only for Small gigs and bedroom playing. Something that sound good cranked and turned down hopefully. so for a figure lets say 20 - 40w.
Nation: Am in Australia
Price Range: Bout a grand. No more then 1200.

Any help is great i'm going to go to the stores and test anything before i buy it.
Let me know what you guys think I'm open to buying an amp and pedal together so i can get heavier sounds if need be.

Cheers Shaenb243
Lol u watching Headbangers Ball right now aren't you

Because you're in Oz we're pretty limited in our options, but for that budget I gotta say a Bugera 333XL combo
Peavey 6505+ combo would be worth a look, and at 60 watts its not that huge. I'm not sure if the Jet City amps are in Australia yet but they get a lot of good feedback. Blackstar HT-5 if you like your old-school tones better than your modern ones.

Lastly i'd suggest getting all your distortion from your amp, bar an OD pedal.
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dno wat headbangers ball is but probs check it out now ummm i was looking at Blackstar HT-20 would it do modern tones with an od or some shit? thanks for speedy replys

i found some stores that sell the jet city. What does ug think of jet city?
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the jetcity has a better price then the ht20..im guessing its better then the bugera 333xl?
Well not necessarily better...just different. The 333XL is heavier and I dare say more versatile that a JCA20. It's personal preference try as many as you can and see which one you like.