I've just recorded a quick acoustic demo of a new song I'm working on.

It's called "Follow Me" up on www.myspace.com/garyd1991 or my profile and is the firt song I've song on myself :P

Any crit good or bad is welcome

Thanks dudes!
Very good. What else is there to say?
I have become........comfortably numb
That was cool man. I really like the singing on it, your voice is pretty good! The effect that was on it (reverb? or just multitracked?) was also very fitting and cool. The strum pattern and first two chords sound like Wonderwall to me, but sped up. Still, it's just a chord progression, and I do like the sound!

Any chance you could crit something of mine? Link
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Thanks, yeah I know what you mean about wonderwall :P I'm going to put up the actual non acoustic version soon and it's a whole lot different, thank god :P
Yeah it's just multi tracked with a tiny bit of reverb