Hey guys, in desperate need of help here. Managed to get myself a small slot at a local festival, not sure how long the set needs to be but I want at least 5 songs prepared. Right now all we've got is:

War Of The Worlds - Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly


Conspiracy - Paramore

So obviously I need a few more. I want to play some more traditional acoustic songs (not acoustic versions of rock songs) but am open to both. We'll only have 1 guitar and the singer is a girl who hasn't a huge range. So, nothing where high or low notes are extremely prominent.

Thanks to anyone who helps out
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton
Yesterday -The Beatles
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Knockin on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Those are songs i usually play when i do some sort of small acoustic set, or just play with friends in the park etc.
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