i am trying to buy a guitar for my dude and someone offered to sell me one but i dont know if it is real or authentic it says ibanez gio on the "neck" and theres a silver square plate on the back of it it says china Z000702649 i would just ask my dude but im down here visiting in wa st from texas and i want it to be a surprise but im no sucker so please help
Ask the guy who is selling it to you for several pictures of it. Once he sends you pictures of the guitar, go ask here whether it's real or fake. Those guys can generally sniff out a scam when they see one. We can't really help you unless you provide pictures of the guitar.

Best of luck!

EDIT: Also, how much is he trying to sell it to you for? You may be getting scammed that way. Gio's are pretty inexpensive guitars.


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