ok UG, i need to know everything you know about Breedlove guitars. What do you guys think about them? specifically the c250/cm.

Have you heard anything bad? or good? please share.

would you buy one?

I went to guitar center the other day and fell in love with it. so before i go buy it i figured i should check it out on UG to make sure.

thanks everybody!
i wasn't in love with the c250/cm - in fact, i sent it back. that being said, if you're looking for a solid cedar top laminate back and sides guitar with electronics and a cutaway, it's definitely worth a look. i found it didn't sound as good as a seagull, had a little more "laminate" wood sound, a little muffled-ness, which isn't necessarily a that bad - seagulls are probably the best sounding lam b&s guitars around.

the c250/cm seemed a bit cheap to me, with a very dry satin finish and no real appointments, but i might be a tad unfair. it's just that it can't compare to some of the all solid guitars that only cost a few more bucks - particularly the blueridge, which is a very nice guitar - and it didn't sound as good to me as my husband's ovation 1778tx elite t, which costs only a few bucks more and sounds better to my ear both plugged and unplugged.

all that being said, i wouldn't kick the c250/cm out of bed. i've played much worse, and it was sort of fun.

still, that's only my opinion. have you played one in person yet?
I have played a few different ones from about $500 to $900 range, there were acoustic and acoustic electrics in the mix but I was left unimpressed - decided to go with an Ovation instead. Got me a 2078TX Ovation for $450 plus sales tax. Really lucked out on that deal as they retail for closer to $600.
Breedloves to me sounded a bit lifeless and not all that responsive. Action wasn't all that great on some that I played but that is something that good guitar tech can easily fix.
In the end it is up to you, if it fits you well, sounds like a dream and you like it its a done deal.
Just in case you decide to check out Ovations I prefer medium bowl or even better deep bowl contour like I got - sound great unplugged and sounds phenomenal plugged in.
i have played the breedlove guitar. it was epic. i also played a few of the seagull guitars. they were really good too. Ovations sound nice, but i cant get over the shape. i play sitting down too so they are uncomfy to me.

I think i'll go with the breedlove, but i still want to play a couple more seagull guitars. i'll be getting one of the two seeing as i've never heard anything bad about either.
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