So, in my quest for a new guitar I'm temporarily moving away from Ibanez and looking at some Strats. Why the hell not?

I see that these Classic Vibes get a lot of praise, in some reviews people hold them above Fender Mexs.

What do you folks think? Especially those of you who have played both.

Note that the Classic Vibe is significantly cheaper and I could use the difference to upgrade stuff (HS3s, new pots etc), BUT the Fender Mex isn't made in China (ew...) and it says "Fender" on the headstock . Also, higher resale value and all that.

My two main requirements are a maple fingerboard, and at least medium jumbo frets, as I'm tired of rosewood and those little regular frets which make it difficult to bend higher up on the neck.


PS: Unformtulately I do not have the option to try them out, I have to order online
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I've gone from a squier (not classic), to a mexican, and finally upgraded to USA.

You're better off with the mexican imo - while I feel both guitars compare really well to one another with the differences being very subtle, and almost absent in the case of a pickup upgrade. The mexican will hold value much better so when it's time to upgrade to USA you have more towards it.

Edit: the classic vibe is not cheaper, look at ebay for a used mexican, $200 USA
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With either one you will have to try a whole load of them get the best out of your buy. Since you're buying online I suggest you don't buy a new one. Either buy a used one from a trusted seller or don't buy anything and save up some more money to get a better instrument.

imo, you can get good CVs and good MIMs, but buying this level of guitar online is a bit of a lottery. Not worth buying a new one for it.
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I've heard that the pickups in the CV are much better compared to the MIM (can't really say, I haven't played a mexican).

The CVs are AlNiCo V and AlNiCu III on the 60's and 50's models respectively. MIMs have ceramics IIRC.
It pretty much depends on what you like so you should probably play them both...
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Everytime I go on craigslist I see a ton of mexican strats for 250-300 with free hardshell cases and stuff. Buy a good used one (you can find them in mint condition for 300) and upgrade with leftover money.

I've owned a Mexican and played the vintage vibe ones in stores, there both good for the money but Mexicans are better overall. If you buy a used one especially, you'll be able to sell it for the same price on craigslist two years from now. Can't beat that.
The Classic Vibes are the best option if you want to keep the guitar stock and you don't have a lot of money to blow - they're pretty good as an off-the-shelf instrument but if you start replacing parts and spending a lot of money on it then you're defeating the point.
The MIM Standards are a better choice if you are picky about your electronics and hardware and are sure you're going to mod the guitar; it's a better base than the CV Squiers but has worse hardware and electronics, so they're the best candidate for modding. Do bear in mind that second hand MIMs come up all the time.
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