I think that it sounds too harsh,especially the slide intro and through to the verses and the chorus,and even in the solo.Gilmour's tone and vibrato techiques are hard to even emulate,but i think you should back off the distortion a bit and focus on adding maybe a flanger(electric mistress) and using a big muff,obviously it's pretty well played,these are tips to help with tone shaping,i felt there was too much in the gain in the second solo and it sounded a bit messy.

Overall,it's a good attempt,but i'd record it with better tone
Very nice dude! The tone is a bit off from the original, but that's why it's a cover eh? I especially liked it when all of the guitars came together. Very nice. 8/10

Check out the one track I have on my profile if ya could! Not as well produced or even played as you, but I'd love some criticism!
Nice job, man. You can tell you put a lot of effort into the production, and I really appreciate covers like that waaay more. It's just too bad you can't record a bit better of video - the audio is good though. I do agree with what the above guys have said though, I'm not too big on the tone. Still, good job.

I just made my own thread for my first cover, Pink Floyd's time solo. I'd appreciate if you could check it out!