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You opened this thread and you dont even play guitar
3 4%
You opened this thread and smoke on the water is the only thing you can play
2 3%
You know yourself that you going to be on posters because you know that your that good
7 9%
You can play through the fire and the flames
7 9%
You can play on Expert on GuitarHero
8 10%
You can de tune a guitar and tune it again
6 8%
None of these but you know how good you are and how good you want to be
47 59%
Voters: 80.
how do you know if a guitarist is good or not? i mean when you dont play guitar and someone random picked up a guitar and did an awfull cover of the intro to smoke on the water you think its the best thing that you've ever seen but then when you start playing guitar you learn that there is alot more to it than that so all i want to know is what is a good guitarist?
Way to be elitist.

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It's all subjective. I mean, I think I'm all right, but I mainly play classic rock and country, so most shredder guys would probably think I'm shit.
I'm in this thread. You can't stop me now.
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I pressed the Smoke on t'Water option by mistake. Still a stupid poll and thread.
I'm a bassist.

**** you.

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stroke the furry walls.
Good guitarists can pick up the guitar and just play, meaning have more to offer than just reciting other peoples songs that they have taken the time to learn note for note. Now those people, myself being one of them, can be skilled at doing that, and can play what they know well, but they are not yet good guitarists cause they dont have anything above that to offer with the instrument. I would say that is the difference between good guitarists and ones who are still just students of the instrument.
Those are some stupid-ass poll options.
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I can play through the fire and flames.
You can play through the fire and the flames

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I think you're a good guitarist when you can play something by the Jonas Brothers, or Party In The U.S.A.
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Good is subjective.

This. Prime example is "the breakdown." You hear breakdowns everywhere anymore, and people either praise them for their "br00tality," or criticize them for only playing open chords. I say some breakdowns take talent in the sense that they require a keen sense of rhythm and timing, but in many cases (cough, cough, crabcore), I don't believe they do.
Being a good guitarist is a mental thing. A good guitarist is constantly reaching out and learning more, observing others, and thinking about playing. Speed, Phrasing, Scales, whatever, none of that stuff means anything if you don't know how to use it, and that all comes from your mind.

Guitar is 80% Mental, 15% Physical, and 5% Penis.
Guitarist always have the Peens
How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better.

Also: Being a good guitarist is not the same as being a good mucisian.

And things such as 'breakdowns', despite being repetitve and unoriginal 98% of the time, can require some skills.

My 2p
I have seen people get 100% on expert mode in guitar hero....and not be able to pay a damn thing on a real guitar....so this poll......fail
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You've got a problem with Smoke on the Water, bitch?

Seriously, that pisses me off. That's a good song. That solo is smooth as shit.
Hooray for subjectivity! Seriously TS, there's no measure of how good a guitarist is. There's not a scale you stand on and it tells you how good you are. And your poll sucks ass by the way. "you can play through the fire and the flames" seriously, what the ****?

As for myself, I'm not particularly good, but it's just a hobby, so whatever.
for a 100% new player learning Smoke On The Water is a pretty daunting task... you were once there TS.

stop being a nob and grow up...

and one other thing... don't procreate, last thing the world needs is more 'I IZ MOAR BR0000TULLZZZ THAN YUUU LULZ' assholes in it
i'm Ginger its fun
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for a 100% new player learning Smoke On The Water is a pretty daunting task... you were once there TS.

stop being a nob and grow up...

and one other thing... don't procreate, last thing the world needs is more 'I IZ MOAR BR0000TULLZZZ THAN YUUU LULZ' assholes in it

we have to play chess
I think at a certain point it becomes a matter of opinion, sure, beginners might have crappy techni

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