Well, the JSX just isn't cutting it anymore, and I'm fairly tired of lugging around heavy combo amps, so the time has come to switch to a head and 2x12 cab.

A few things to consider
I'm going for more of a british/plexi kind of sound, but I do prefer my tone to be on the darker end of the spectrum.

Volume wise, I play both at home and a gigs, but rarely do I get the chance to crank up more than 50-60% of max volume. So it would be great if the amp didn't sound like a buzzsaw at moderate volumes, and even better if it actually sounded good at bedroom volume.

It would be nice if the amp cleans up with the guitar volume knob (My JSX basically sounds exactly the same regardless of where the guitars volume pot is set). Major bonus if I can get a passable funk sound out of it, but it's not a requirement.

Right now I'm considering a Mesa Stiletto, or an Orange Rockerverb 50 or possibly a Marshall of some kind. I'd welcome any comments on either of those, and any suggestions beyond those would also be appreciated.

I realize nothing compares to trying them out myself, but unfortunately the shops that carry them are about 45-1hr drive, and they generally frown upon the volume being set any higher than 9:00, which leaves me in a rough spot.
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Flexible. I can afford the amps I've already mentioned, and I'd prefer not to go too much higher than any of those, however if something is worth it, I'm willing to wait until I have more money saved up.
JCM900? It's good for British style rock, and gets that "classic" Marshall overdrive. I've heard mixed reviews about the clean though. It's just something else for you to look at.
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If he can afford a stiletto he can afford a JCM 800 which will be much better than the 900. Look at the 2203
stiletto is a good place to look, im not too sure what else would be good for you but i do know the Stiletto is full of win
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