Hey guys, does anyody know what amp it sounds like in this ccver of blue suede shoes by Hendrix? It's just a live jam so I assume it's only one amp he's using. Does that sound like a plexi? How does he get that funky quacky thing when he mutes the strings at like 1:13 in the video, because most plexi's I've heard have a more sort of muffled almost most metal music sounding palm muting thing going on. Also how does he get that screaming sustain?

I know there is no definite answers here, but if if anyone can share their thoughts or opinions that qould be great. Thanks!

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I'm still going with Super Lead.

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Cool, thanks guys. Does anyone know of any small combo amps that can acheive a similar sound? I've seen the cornell 18 20 plexi combo, which sounds awesome, but is just slighlty on the large side for me. May still get it though. Thanks again
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