ok, one time like around Memorial day of about 2007, I went to this music store near where I live a bunch of times over a span of like 2-weeks...& they had a Dean Dimebag Darrell Signature "Dean from Hell"...you know the one that, back when Dimebag was using Washburn 333's, Washburn called a similar finish "Dimebolt"...& I remember picking it up & playing it & one thing I definitely noticed that I REALLY LIKED about that guitar was that the knobs on the guitar were like Traditional "Speed Knobs" w/ the numbers & everything, but 2 out of 3 of them had these little white like foam circles stuck on in line all the way around the knob for grip...
Ok, that being said, right now I'm trying to like "Build" (so-to-speak) my Ideal guitar to see what, all together, it would cost to make it actually happen...& I want those knobs...I'm just so endlessly clueless about those knobs, help!!
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Well apparently dime would take soldering irons and just melt through the speed knobs..you could do that.
i know that dean makes 'Dimebag Traction Knobs' so i think thats what your thinking of. I just searched a bit, but cant find them for sale
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i have a couple from my razorback db floyd im not a huge fan of them(not even using them anymore), they look really cheap up close. you could always glue some plastic rings on speed knobs
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Well apparently dime would take soldering irons and just melt through the speed knobs..you could do that.

yea this is actually how they make them for razorbacks now
I'm sure I read somewhere that they are just holes drilled into the pot covers

I really don't think that they are anything that has been stuck on
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No, there's little white rings on the knobs. There's definitely stuck on there haha. I used to take a hot pocket knife (heated with a lighter) and cut into the knobs on my guitars, they're soooo much easier to turn when you're sweaty during a show
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