Now's your chance to get a smokin' Humbucker or single pickup(s) from the discontinued british pickup company Swineshead. I'm selling the following models for those who may know swineshead. There is a description for those who don't, but are still interested in improving there sound.

Venom Humbucker $65
Very hot Humbucker. Great for pinch harmonics, hard rock, punk or metal.

Dragonfly Rythm (Single) $55

Dragonfly Middle (Single) $55

Entire HSS set is only $140 + shipping (save $35!)

The dragonfly is a great clean pickup for clean solo's or strumming clean chords. It is bright, yet has a full warm sound to it.

The difference between the rythm and middle is that the rythm has more of a bass response without losing the bright sound IMO.

PM or post if you're interested.