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Let's make this thread about our encounters with law enforcement. Share your stories and all that. I have about 4, but I'll share the most recent one first and depending on how this thread does, I might post some more.

Yeah. So last night I sneaked out of my house to go meet up with a couple of friends, Ben, Zoe, and Chad. Chad had some bud and he's 21 so we stopped to get some booze at the supermarket. After that we wanted a place to go smoke at so I suggested going to this mountain called Reynold's Mountain where there is this cool 1930's stone tower that you can climb up in and chill at.

The only problem is that Reynold's Mountain is actually in the Woodfin Police district, and they are pretty notorious for being very harsh and extremely edgy and enjoy pulling people over.

So we ascended the mountain and even got to the very top right next to the tower but there was a Woodfin Cop sitting right in front of it. So we kept on moving, but of course he turned his lights on and started following us back down the mountain.

We made it all the entrance to Reynolds Mountain when he blue-lighted us. The entire ride down the mountain, I'm telling Chad that they have no right to search your car or your person so don't let them.

But I also noticed it smelled like weed in the car pretty bad. But the cop came over asking for id's and all that from everyone, but only Chad had his. So he got that and took down our names and date of births.

He went back to run the names in his car, and at this point I thought we were pretty good. He came back saying "The reason I pulled you over is because there's been a bunch of people breaking into the tower and drinking and smoking."

So now I'm thinking to myself, "Nah. We're good now." But then he says "Chad, do me a favor and step out of the car and walk over here."

Now I'm thinking "**** **** ****." I was trying to hear what the cop was saying to Chad and I picked up on something like, "I smell the weed in the car. Don't lie to me, tell me where it is."

He then searched Chad and came over to me and asked me to step out of the car. He started saying "I smell the weed in the car. I can smell it on your clothes."

But I hadn't been smoking at all so I looked at him and told him that I didn't know where the weed was in the car and I hadn't been smoking. He then searches me, and the entire time he's searching me I keep thinking that he doesn't have a right to but I dont' say anything because I didn't wanna be a smart ass.

He then searches Ben. And has Zoe empty her pocket's because she was a girl and 15.

So now we're sat down on the ground and he's telling us that if we don't tell him where the weed is then he'll call his Sgt. and they'll tear the car up and send us all to jail.

I keep waiting for Chad to either fess up or try to argue his 4th amendment right but he never does. So then 2 more cops roll up, and one of them starts trying to be all like "You guys got in a car that smelled like weed. You don't know where the weed is." all that and got pissed when I tried to tell him that it just smelled like weed and that I didn't know where the weed was.

But anyways, they arrested Chad and called all of our parents. My dad's a cop for the county and he knew all the cops there, and the cops started telling me that weed leads to crack and that I'll get killed if I keep doing that stuff. And somehow my dad mentioned that I'm in AP classes at my high school and he started saying how that'll be over if I didn't stop smoking and shit.

Anyways, I suppose I'm done with my midnight escapades, so share your stories!
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Smell that? That's potential.


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Agreed. Though boring as I am, I've got nothing.
Please excuse my godawful username. I was thirteen.
This one time I didnt do anything wrong and the cops didnt bother me. Then I became the first Australian to not hate police.
The end.
...In my opinion.
My friend and I were fake fighting on the side of the road, someone called the police, we ran.

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This one time my daughter was using the interweb and some lying no-good punks were making fun of her so I told them they better back the **** off or I'll call the police, I made it clear things would never be the same, especially consequences and warned them they hadn't dun goofed.
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I got held up by the cops once because my light wasn't working. It was a dynamo wich works while cycling, and I was standing still at a traffic light. They wouldn't believe me.
They didn't even notice how drunk I was.
I got caught using the phone once without a pass by the hall monitor and elementary school.

That's it.

I write songs.
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You should contemplate investing in an air freshner, maybe one from 'Weed smelling air freshners ltd', that way you've got an exscuse the next time this happens.
I've been arrested for pot and 2 years ago i was arrested for counterfeiting.
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once a cop was arresting my uncle i dont know why probably drinking and driving or something and the cop asks me to translate for him
my uncle knew english very well
Not got any cos I'm dull, except for being moved along like really.

Though one time I was in Birmingham with my friend, I had a bandana hanging out of my pocket B.A. Baracus style cos I was on a massive A-Team craze at the time, and it was cold so I put it round my face, as I didn't have a scarf (as I have a tendancy to go out very underdressed when it's cold), so even though I was outside, and whenever I was in a building I took it down/off, a police guy came up to me and took my details, which I was fine with, but what annoyed me was that he seemed to almost find a reason to take it further than just a stopping form (which was uncalled for considering his reason for stopping is "you shouldn't wear stuff over your face outside", but it's fine when it's a scarf or for religious reaosns...right) in that he contacted whereever they contact on their little radio and tried to hunt for previous offences for about 5 minutes, then when he didn't find any he decided to take my friend's details.

WHile this is the correct procedure in certain circumstances, it isn't when some guy has a bandana over his face because it's cold who wasn't acting suspiciously at all. ¬_¬
me and my buddy got caught smoking pot by two cops in a parking lot.
He pretty much knocked on the window while we passing the joint to each other.
We rolled down the window and a shitload of smoke rushed out of the car.
We were ****ed.
The cops asked us if we had any more
we said "no"
and they put us in the back of the cop car.
Turns out the cops were real cool, we winded up joking around with them through the drive and we even stopped at the McDonalds on the way to the station (and they payed!).
We were in the holding cell for about 30 minutes, then the cops let us go with no charges!
We thanked them and they told us to not let us get caught again.
Not sure why everyone hates the police in my town
Actually I do have one. At the petrol station where I work the night shift, the cops often use the parking spaces as a safe place to pull people over. We are located on an intersection so I normally get at least one or two a week. Anyway, a few weeks ago a cop had pulled someone over, handcuffed them, and then walked into the store. He came up to the counter, looked around a bit and said, "Kid. I need a place where there are no cameras."

Alarm bells immediately went off in my head and I directed him around the back. He roughly grabbed the guy and dragged him around the corner. I turned the monitor behind the counter on and flicked it over to the camera out back. I was expecting him to beat the crap out of the guy or something, but he just took one of the guys cigarettes, which might have been a joint, lit one up for the guy and they stood out back talking for about twenty minutes. They were both laughing and stuff, so I assume it was nothing serious. Anyway it was really weird because the guy was handcuffed and whatnot. So then after a while he gets brought back around the front, placed in the cop car and a tow truck came and got his car an hour or so later.

Also on Norfolk Island where i'm from, it wasn't uncommon to see on duty cops [all two of them] drinking, smoking pot, doing burnouts or randomly arresting people when they were bored. Everyone is friends over there, and I think the only official crime has been a murder or two a few years back. It's strangely like Hot Fuzz...
...In my opinion.
Oh the joys of police chases. Especially when I'm the one being chased

So this is how it went..

Typical weeknight in the summer of 08 I believe. It was about 4 in the morning, we were all pretty drunk and decided to grab some traffic cones and lay them on this road. (It was a pretty wide road and a well lit area so accidents were out of the question)

It was hilarious watching people getting out yelling into the darkness as they couldn't see us up above in the woodland area. The police pulled up and helped the taxi man clear the cones. Everything was fine and dandy untill my friend shouted "UPA RA"

Before we knew it we were dashing across a duel carriage motorway with the cops right behind us screaming to stop.

We took refuge behind some random house to lay low. I turned round to my friends and said "thak **** that's over". Oh how karma had kicked me in the balls there and then.

All I remember is a flashright being shone in my face and a policeman shouting "right boys that's it, you have no where to go"

At this moment there is nothing else on your mind but OH SHIT I gotta run. There was a 12 foot fence right in front of us. So all 6 of us vaulted over this fence right into a thorn/nettle bush. Cop cars shone the light onto the field whilst we ran for our ****ing lives basically. I took refuse into some random bush with my friend and didn't move for about 2 hours till the heat weared off

Unfortunately my friend wasn't so lucky. He tried to hide under a car and got caught by the police. He was charged for obstruction of road traffic and possession of a lethal weapon. (he was carrying a bottle opener which we used to open bottles of beer.

He didn't even give up any of our names and for that I am eternally grateful.

All I can say is that it was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life and one that I will never forget!
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Quote by BlitzkriegAir
me and my buddy got caught smoking pot by two cops in a parking lot.
He pretty much knocked on the window while we passing the joint to each other.
We rolled down the window and a shitload of smoke rushed out of the car.
We were ****ed.
The cops asked us if we had any more
we said "no"
and they put us in the back of the cop car.
Turns out the cops were real cool, we winded up joking around with them through the drive and we even stopped at the McDonalds on the way to the station (and they payed!).
We were in the holding cell for about 30 minutes, then the cops let us go with no charges!
We thanked them and they told us to not let us get caught again.
Not sure why everyone hates the police in my town

Yea some cops are chill as shit about it. Our campus police realize how silly an offence like smoking weed is, so normally they'll just cite people for "being in a room where smoking had occurred" which is a MUCH less sever offense, less so than a simple alcohol citation.

Now, when they catch wind of any dealing on campus, they crack down on it like a mother****er lol. To them, smoking = OK, dealing = you are F*CKED!
Alright, I'll share mine.

I went to my friend Drew's house with another friend named Matt. This was a few years ago on New Year's eve.

So, Matt went to his girlfriend's house and said he was going to come back later. Drew's parents weren't home so we got into to the booze. This was at maybe 6 PM. We start drinking in his room, Hot Damn and Coke, and we both get a bit drunk, not shitfaced. Then we decide to go outside to kill some time and take the booze with us.

We start going around and just walking around, buying food at a gas station, and killing time. We go to the abandoned house next door for a while. Finally, Matt gets back at like 10:30. He takes all the booze we have, and just downs it instantly. And we start the vandalism and such.

We start throwing rocks at this house and I hit the window, then Matt threw one and broke the window. People start yelling, and we ditch, quick. At this point, the alcohol has set in and Matt's plastered, Drew and I are still pretty buzzed. We go down an alley, and break a garage window, take the glass, and start slashing trash bags and flipping trash cans. I cut my hand on the glass shard and am bleeding pretty heavily onto the snow.

We start walking up a different street a few blocks away. Matt finds a huge stick and starts beating the shit out of any street sign he sees, making a ton of noise. Drew kicked over a glass duck and broke it, so I grabbed the head. At this point it's probably around Midnight. Curfew is 11.

We go down a street and this guy opens his door and just stares at us, not wanting to get into trouble, we duck behind a truck in front of his house. He shuts his door and goes back inside. We tread on. We're now across from a catholic school and a cruiser with it's lights on pulls up. ****.

First off, my uncle is chief of police so I'm freaking out that he finds out about this. I know the cop, and he is a comlete and utter dick. Luckily he doesn't know me. The cop takes our info, Drew and I are now just sober enough to not be obviously drunk. Matt is trashed. He's stuttering, and reeks of alcohol. Cop stares at him funny. We make up some bullshit story about how we were walking from Drew's grandma's house back to his house.

The cop tells us that we were picked up for "looking into a truck, and attempting to steal it". Really? *facepalm*

He puts us in the car, and takes us back to Drew's. His mom is now home, his Dad is at work. His mom has MS so she smokes pot, and the cop asked her if she was drunk and she bitched out on him. His mom doesn't really say anything about it, just asked us what we were doing.

A few hours later, we're talking, trying to sleep. Drew says, "I can't believe we got arrested.". We hear a voice, "How'd you get arrested?". It's his dad. ****. He let us just go to sleep and he was pissed about it the next day. My mom or uncle ever found out about it. Pretty fun time.


Pretty shitty story, now that I think about it.


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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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I don't have any hardcore getting searched and arrested stories; but I do have a pretty interesting one.

A few of my buddies were over at my house and somehow we decided it would be a good idea to light the road on fire. Around 1-2AM, we sprayed some aerosol on the road behind my house (fairly busy road) and sat there and waited until a car came. When we saw a car, we lit the road and watched to see what the car did. They turned around and pulled into our neighborhood. Not knowing what to do, all of us casually strolled back to the house as if nothing had happened.

It wasn't much of a shock when we got a knock on the door. A slightly fat man around 60 calmly informed us that he had called the police. He actually handled it pretty well; if I was in a hurry to get somewhere and a few guys lit the road on fire, I would've made sure they got what they deserved.

The man left and we decided that there weren't really any major charges we could have been given. I've never known that much about law though; so I could be wrong. The officer showed up around 3; and it seems that we got pretty lucky. She informed us of a few different charges (can't remember the details) that we could be given, and that using an aerosol can in the way we did is considered bomb-making. In the end she told us just to not to do it again.

Pretty anticlimactic I know
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One time my friends and I thought it'd be cool to climb up to the roof of our high school and chill, so we did. It was during summer break and the sun was setting so we were up there just having fun. No booze, bud or anything. Just a couple of friends and a scrabble board and a hackey sack. Next thing we know a police helicopter flies over head, turns around and hovers above us. They start using the loud speaker telling us we're trespassing, we should get down, etc. They were right, we had no reason to be on top of the school as it was getting dark. The helicopter lowers and lands on top of the school, we all hop in and it takes us off the roof into the empty parking lot. We didn't get in trouble or anything, but it was pretty cool. Got my first helicopter ride
I lied down on some grass and pointed a shotgun at my head in Rothbury for 6 hours in the worst standoff ever. Some prick of a cop shot me and that made me pull the trigger. I'm dead now.
i got tackled by a cop when i was 15. i was in a prom dress, barefoot, at 2 am, in the middle of no where. that's as far as i'll go (twas a dark period in my life)
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i got tackled by a cop when i was 15. i was in a prom dress, barefoot, at 2 am, in the middle of no where. that's as far as i'll go (twas a dark period in my life)

Ok, you HAVE to tell the story now!
This thread is like Cops for wimpos. Lets hear the really badass stories!
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Ok, you HAVE to tell the story now!


Quote by spanishyanez
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a M0lliP0Ps?

the world may never know!

e-married to KENSAI

I read to "I had to sneak out of my house to meet my 21 year old friend."

:p lame.

I've been arrested twice.

5 misdemeanors, 1 felony. No convictions
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I was driving down a hill. The speed limit on top of the hill is 90 KPH. The speed limit on the middle of the hill is 50 KPH. I was slowing down instead of breaking like a douche, 'cause I take care of my stuff.

The cop pulls me over. She tells me it's alright, I was slowing down.

It was my first and last encounter with a police officier.
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-When I was a kid, I nailed a cop in the face and ran when he took my skateboard.

-I got detained and had my ass kicked while handcuffed when I was leaving a bar, smelling like weed.

-I nearly got arrested when I punched a guy in the face who worked at a hotel I was staying in. Still surprised I got away with that.

-Had another close call when I got kicked out of The Rooftop at The Standard for beating the shit out of some stupid, punkass Guido who was showin' out.
Once i was partying at a lake house back when i was 15 or something and me and my pal who was 17 got pulled over while leaving the lake house. And it wasn't just me and him on the road, there was about four cars filled with drunk kids trying to leave this place, it was like one big drunken caravan.

ANYWAY a couple of cop cars had pulled all of us over and asked for ID's and because i was 15 i didn't have one. So he told me to write down my name and age on a piece of paper and then he went to the car behind us. So i did, and i put the piece of paper in my pocket.

Long story short, the cops let us go and the officer who was at our car never came back to get my piece of paper with my information on it. Later the next morning we found out that those cops contacted everybody's parents except for mine because he never found out my name. So basically everybody got busted but me.
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I never got in trouble with the police, I'm a good boy
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My buddies and I discovered the amazing ability to blow up water bottles by using baking soda and vinegar. Well, we took this ability to a park at around midnight. For an hour or so we were filling up the water bottles and tossing them in the air in order to see them explode in midair. The result looked fantastic and it made such an awesome noise. Then we heard sirens. LOTS of sirens. Within a minute of hearing the sirens we were surrounded by cops. Tons of cops and, here's the kicker, a bomb squad truck. The cops ordered us to get away from the vehicle and lay face down, hands behind our back. We had cops pointing their guns at us. A couple of them rushed us and took us to behind the squad truck. They interrogated us about the explosions and then the cop doing the interrogation laughed. He said some lady had called that she had heard explosions at a park nearby her house and that she was convinced it was people using dynamite to blow up the park. We actually got to meet most of the cops and they laughed about the situation. Towards the point of most of the cops departing, one of the cops approached us and apologized about what he was about to do because he thought we were pretty alright kids. He said that we were out beyond curfew and as a result had to give us a ticket. So he did, and then they all left. Needless to say, that night was ****ing scary and awesome.

A couple months later, some of my other friends and I get pulled over. We have 7 people in a small Acura Integra (totally blacked out car, looks really shady). We had a legal amount in the car, but 2 people laying in the trunk. Plus, we had a bunch of bags full of paint-balling equipment (since we had just come from paint-balling in this one abandoned warehouse). The cop comes up to the car and we're all freaking out (about the kids in the trunk and cause we look suspicious). The cop approaches the drivers side window after I've held out my hands. He comes to me, takes one look and laughs. He says, "You're one of the bomb squad boys, aren't you?" I say yeah and he just continues to laugh. He then regains himself and notifies me that I have a headlight out. At this point I thank him and he bids us farewell and a goodnight and drives away. Pretty damn cool.

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I got pushed down a whole flight of stairs and then I got in trouble with a cop. Asshole.
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I was with two of my friends, and one of them got a guy to buy us some alcohol, and to drop us off in his car.

But on the way, he got pulled up by the Police. I think it was something to do with his lights, but we were bricking ourselves as we were sat in this car with a crate of lager, and other alcohol.

So, the Police talk to this guy, while we're casually sat in the car, trying to look casual. They don't say anything about the alcohol, but they do ask him our names.

The guy knew my mates, but not me, so he had to quickly invent some name for me on the spot

That's my only experience with the Police
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Most recent one:

don't feel like going into detail, but here's a summary: got caught smoking weed in a van. when we saw the cop approaching us, we had enough time to throw the weed out of the window or run out with no problem, but we were to high to do so. cop sees that we are all high as shit and tells us to give him the weed. at first we deny everything but eventually fess up cuz we knew we were gonna get searched anyways. my friend gives him the weed and the cop asks if there is anymore. we all get searched for like an hour. two more cops roll up and they search the car but find nothing. we came up with some bs story explaining why we were high lol. i forgot exactly what we said but it was pretty ridiculous and i have no idea how we all kept the story straight in the condition we were in xD I remembered that it was something about a spooky ghost in my friend's house or something (give us a break, we were super high).

anyhoo, while we are sitting in the curb, one more cop approaches us and starts giving us nicknames based on the scooby-doo gang. at first i was like wtf, but then i realized why. we were 2 guys, 2 girls, my friend had his dog with him, we were smoking in a van, and our paranormal excuse lol. i got to be shaggy cuz im pretty skinny and my hair is, well, shaggy! in the end, the cops just take our names let us go with no problem, except for my friend that was holding the weed, he has to go to court in august. two of us were 18, so they didnt notify our parents.
I got arrested for fighting once, the other guy hit me first but according to the cop "I took it to far" I only had to spend one night in jail and the guy didn't press charges (I don't know why, but I did pay for his medical bills) He was in the hospital for a couple weeks.
Knocked out this emo, one punch. He told the police I hit him with an iron bar. Went to court, got the CCTV, got off because he lied.
I left him with the threat that if he ever went to the police again, I'd win. Just to get the little shit back. I never did hurt him again, I just wanted to even it up. He deserved it by the way.

I spent my teenage life being hounded by police, I have a million stories.
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