On Saturday evening I changed the string on my LP BFG. Went from the original Gibson ones to Dean Markley CL 9-46.

Now I've got a buzzing sound on the A string from the 6th through 2nd fret (most noticeable on the 5th fret). Bloody annoying..

This didn't happen with the old Gibson strings, and none of the other strings are buzzing..

Wondering if I should simply raise the bridge a tiny bit?

(Can't say I'm too happy with the Dean Markley strings, it feels like it takes more pressure to push the strings onto a fret, it's noticeably harder to push down on all strings on all frets. Or will this soften as the strings are used more?)

Thanks for the help,

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you are using a lighter gauge and it's harder to push the strings down?
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i had the same problem on my dr-100... i forgot what it's called but there is a bolt on the bass of the headstock or on the back of the neck somewhere or in side the sound hole thing lol... mess with that alittle (but little tweaks) and if ou get it just right it should take away the buzzing cancelation sound... well at least it did on my guitar...
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the strings should soften as there used more...
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You mean to adjust the truss rod for 1 single string that's buzzing? Sounds a bit drastic?
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