I recently brought an ibanez grx-720
(7 string ibanez)
and want to change the pickups but am totally naive when it comes to what to look for in pickups and stuff
Can anyone suggest a good make please
Not sure what ones are in the guitar now but they look a little rusted - it is an old guitar and they look like cheap pickups in my opinion
Many Thanks
It's quite hard to suggest any good pickup set for, because you didn't mention what kind of music you usually play etc.
im preferable to bare knuckles for metal
they're coming to take me away
Most aftermarket 7 string pickups don't fit into the rout for your guitar. DiMarzio pickups do, but I'm not sure what other companies are making them so the fit. The trouble people have with that specific guitar is that there is no room for the pickup's Feet so you have to get a pickup with a flat bassplate. It would be wise to check with the maker before you buy just to be sure it's gonna fit.

The specific pickups you should get will depend on your amp and playing style. I play Jazz on my 7 string so I use very different pickups than my buddies who play metal.
If you're into metal, Seymour Duncan offer their Blackouts in the standard 7 string size for guitars with regular passive routs, as well as the larger EMG-esque sized ones.