Hey friends from UG! I recently got a Gibson Standard SG and its great, the best neck I've played and nice looks, but the pickup sound kinda bugs me cause it has a increase in the upper mid-high signal, and i was looking to get a more all around, badass sound. I play from stevie ray vaughan to pink floyd, to guns n roses, to marilyn manson !

Recommend me some nice pickups for my new axe!
What's your budget? And what amp are you using at the moment?
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200 bucks! i have a small practice amp, a marshall mg15, and the sg sounds weak there. The best sound i can get from it is from the POD farm i have in my laptop... but still i want a more Les Paul sound
yeah you need a new amp for sure, the marshall mg is one of the biggest jokes of this website
I have the same amp and damn it fails . I'm currently wanting the Marshall JMD100H.
isn't the JMD the new marshall modeler? If your really set on a marshall I wouldn't look at any of their new line of amps. Look at some kind of JCM.