Hey, does anyone out there have some experience with Kahlers, and if so opinions on the best types? I have two guitars with floyds and 3 with fixed bridges, and I definitely want to get one with a Kahler. Slayer is probably my current favorite thrash/speed metal band right now. I am looking seriously at the esp jh-600 and know a little bit about kahlers, was looking at them a bit back in the 90's before kahler went out of business and then came back in the last few years.

What I know about kahlers: they are a fulcrum based tremolo, have a more smooth and uniform feel throughout the range which differs from a floyd. I like the hybrid design that can be locked when wanted. I was thinking about gettting a kahler and was somewhat turned off by the dmometal guy on you tube who just trashed them, but I think his opinion is somewhat biased and not the most informed, I have seen other videos of people with kahlers who dispute his notion that they wont stay in tune and I find it hard to believe that kerry king and jeff hanneman would push these if they were crap(yeah, I am a bit of a slayer fanboy) much less exclusively play them.

I realize there may be some cheap kahlers just like cheap floyds, I think the one on the jh-600 looks decent. I had a friend back in the 90's who was an amazing guitarist and told me about his experience with kahlers. He said there was a technique to playing with kahlers, and that was to end on pulling up slightly on the trem(or maybe it was down, this was 15 years ago) and this would guarantee that it would not be out of tune. I dont know think this had to be done all the time, maybe occasionaly. I also am wondering about how often you apply lube by the strings to maintain it. Any info would be nice, please try to make it info you are sure of and not anecdotal evidence as I have heard plenty of this and seen plenty of arguments about floyds versus kahler and I really am not interested in these types of conversations, just first hand experience with kahlers
ive played a lot fo floyd variants and 2 kahler guitars, no problems with the kahlers at all, one went out of tune slightly but that was with extreme dives and i think the nut might have been loose. i prefer a floyd for no paticular reason other than more experience but i would not say no to a guitar with a kahler.
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A friend of mine has a Kahler on an 80s BC Rich, it feels really nice under my hand, but there is no bar so I can't really testify for tuning stability.

Feels really nice in there though, way better then the floyds I have tried. In the end, I think I would go for a Lo-Pro, personally.
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from the vids i`ve seen on the peavey site, they are over complicated in terms of the motions you go through to set it up.......
i have a floyd and a kahler.

i prefer the kahler. why? it feels right, keeps in tune better, and just feels higher quality than a licensed floyd.
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