Hello there good friends of T&C. This is a longer song, clocking in at just under nine minutes. My bassist wrote all the lyrics, so I wrote songs around the theme of the words, hence the lack of a traditional chorus and verse and whatnot. I haven't finished tabbing out the vocal melodies, I cbf to do it to be honest

I can post the lyrics if someone wants them. You all know the drill, C4C and yadda yadda.

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Whenever I put vocals on Guitar Pro I make them a Violin because it cuts through the mix of the instruments better and it is a more vocal instrument
Let me just go ahead and say I loved it. It hit my "guilty pleasure" spot and got me wanting to listen to another band that you should probably check out: Versailles (listen to their Ascendead Master) this reminded me of them a shitton. I heard them in it more than I heard A7X to be honest.

Alright, to start with... the intro seems a tad bit unnecessary, honestly. It's good, but it's so vastly different from the rest of the song that it doesn't really add anything. The progression is good... for another song.

The bass at 122 should be doing something more complex, rather than just outlining the chords. I feel that that is prime time for a little bass solo. When the clean guitars come in... I fell in love. I love it. Amazingly Versailles. The lead over it is rather good.

F - go listen to Versailles' Revenant Choir... this reminds me a lot of that song. Though... I do feel that after the second time you cycle through F it begins to drag on. I feel the solo should start at the end of the second cycle.

The solo... especially the harmonized one at G... is, once again, very Versailles-esque. Seriously, listen to them.

UH-OH is fabulous. I loved it. Got me wanting to move haha.

However... the breakdown is a bit of a disappointment. It just lacks... character. Sounds very similar to every other breakdown (though, it's not as good honestly). It doesn't pump me up like a breakdown should. Maybe a more complex rhythm or start/stop kind of thing?

The piano break was awesome. A nice change from the other stuff (make the reverse cymbal fade in though). When the band comes in I changed the piano to "String Ensemble 1" and I feel like it added to it.

The acoustic is good. It has a very strong "Strength of the World" vibe. The solo that comes makes me think of the end of "Sidewinder". Very good stuff. Nice way to end the song. The fade-out works.

Overall... I was very impressed. Not what I was expecting. Made me want to go back and listen to some old music. Some small issues here and there, but I really enjoyed it.

9/10 :]

C4C? For something somewhat close to this you can crit "Closing the Gap" in my sig. If you want my newest song, there's this or "Dead Bird" in my sig. But be warned... those songs are in a wayyyy different genre haha.

Good job!

EDIT: I'm just wondering... do you know Carl6661 IRL?
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Thanks guys! the song definitely makes a lot more sense with vocals on top, although I'll play with the intro+breakdown a bit, see what I can come up with.

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EDIT: I'm just wondering... do you know Carl6661 IRL?

hahaha I wish. his songs are badass. back when I lurked a lot though, I saw his name and more-or-less jacked it, along with some youtube user who had austyn instead of austin

I'll take a look at your guys' stuff in a bit.
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