Hello everyone, i'm trying to learn the Major scale at the mo. I started with E major, but when i play it it sounds like c# minor pentatonic. Help please
Hey vandz,

That's because C#m is the "relative minor" of the E major scale. Basically if you go through the scale, the 6th note is the relative minor. So for E, it goes E-F#-G#-A-B-C# -D#. So if you're playing in the key of E, a C#m scale will be in key as well.

The difference is in where you start the scale. For E major pentatonic, you'd start on fret 0 (open) or fret 12 and play the major penta scale pattern. For C#m, you'd start on fret 9 and play the minor penta scale pattern. That's where you may start to notice a difference in the "feel" of the scales.

Hope that helps a little bit.
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Cheers M8 that's great, after reading it i have to admit i don't quite understand it all, but give me a few days.lol, thankyou