So I have this bass amp thats not quite loud enough to gig with its this amp


and if Im going to play a big gig my guitarists says i need to hook up to the system im guessing he means P.A. system? ===Im trying to figure out if this amp has a line out to where i can do that? nothing on it says line out but i really dont know if thats what i need in order to do that
It says it has a headphone out, which I think works like a line-out, but its much quieter. I'm really not sure though, someone else would have to confirm it.
You could set a mic in front of the speaker
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ahhh i wish i had a line out so i donthave to buy another amp .....If the headphone out is just like a line out that would be great....anyone know>????
a line might work if it has one,other wise micing it.which is simple enough.your guitarist seems to know something about that,so talk to him about it...
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ahhh i wish i had a line out so i donthave to buy another amp .....If the headphone out is just like a line out that would be great....anyone know>????

what? Just put a mic infront of the ****ing amp
Don't use the headphone out. It's obviously for headphones only. Mic the amp.
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just mic the damn thing
also i read it had holes in it for good bass travel or whatever just put your johnson in it and that should make it louder
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Amps are primarily for the musician to hear himself and for tone control. For the audience to hear you, it usually means the amp will be mic'd, or your guitar and amp will be patched into the PA system directly.
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like,some mics have phantom power,that amp has fap energy and a johnson socket.just tap that out and it'l start to sound wicked.
Just get a mic
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Mic the amp that's all.
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Make your life a bit easier. Just mic the amp.
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There might be an XLR out on the back, but it doesn't mention it so I wouldn't hold my breath. Just mic it
maybe if you had a
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As was said on the first page, fap, then proceed to stick your Johnson in it. It'll do wonders for you tone and volume..