hey everyone, im just wondering what some good pickups are to have a good punk rock (ramones) , Grunge ( Soundgarden/Nirvana) , Alternative (foo Fighters/Chilli peppers) sound. I was thinking on getting some Dimarzio pickups or some EMG's! Which ones would you guys suggest? and my gear is as follows:

Peavey Raptor EXP plus
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Traynor 15 watt amp
Slinky Strings
Zoom G1NX effects pedal
i'd say only put in emg's if your gonna put in a dual 9v battery case like blackouts have
and i wouldnt get an emg 81 cuz theres a coil tap version that is really just an emg 81 and a single coil in the one housing i just cant remember what its called
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the emg 81tw has the coil tap
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gibson dirty fingers,

it's really raunchy and dirty, but it's got quite a bit of clarity in the notes, I use one in my Les Paul and it sounds great. I think EMGs are a little stale sounding, too saturated and not enough character.

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We have a ultimate pickup thread, and it's stickied. Read through it, and post any questions there.
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