im looking for some help deciding on a guitar to purchase

im more of an intermediate player than anything and I need a good intermediate guitar

I'm looking at an Epiphone, either the Les Paul Traditional Pro Electric

or the Les Paul Standard Plus Top Electric. (trans blue!)

as, i said i'm intermediate player, i tend to play eaier rock then heavy "rock" and metal. i get about as far as Smashing Pumpkins, Foos, pearl jam style and then everything easier. my preferred band to play is U2.

so which of these two guitars do you think is better suited for me.
(the links below each take ya to each one respectively, if you need a refresher)

your thoughts are appreciated. thanks

obviously, the best way to tell is to play both of em, but as a starter

or if you have another guitar in mind that might work out better for me
Very little difference between the two except for the Pickup wiring.
I haven't tried them myself, I've got the Gibson Tradtional though and it's a killer.
These aren't the same except in "name"
Moving on.....
they are pretty much the same guitar, the only difference being that the plustop has a flamed maple top and transparent finish options (to show off the figured top), while the traditional just has a non-figured maple top with an opaque finish. tonally, the guitars will be pretty comparable

EDIT: I just noticed that the traditional has coil tapping capabilities. this would make it a bit more versatile
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I wouldn't buy from epiphone without playing the guitar first. Go to a shop, and play all the Les Pauls they have. Pick the one that is the best for you and don't worry about which model it is. Epiphones QC is all over the damn place. Those two guitars aren't going to sound very different at all. They are more or less the same.
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get an agile, srsly...

you're in the US right?? because those are the best les pauls you're going to get for less than a normal LP price.

hi everybody , i just bought an brand new Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Metallic Gold for $319 . it it a good deal and is it a good guitar compared to the standard or the standard pro
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