Well, it's the summer holidays. Me and the band are scattered all over the country, and we haven't practiced for a few weeks now. And I'm semi-glad.

Brief history: For the past couple of years, I've been trying and failing to find a band, either through lack of musicians or just travel difficulties, etc. This year, my closest friend and another friend of ours decided to start bass and drums. The drummer lives about five-ten minutes away on foot from me. Since then, we've played two concerts, both of them very successful, and I've loved every minute of being on stage. I'm singer-guitarist. At first, it was just the three of us. After feeling a bit frustrated at the limits of one guitar, I brought in a friend I've been playing with for a couple of years ago on second guitar. In theory, she was going to take over lead, but... yeah.


  • I'm a decent guitarist and an average singer. But, as much as I hate to say it, I'm a better player than the others. The rhythm section have been playing for around half a year, so fair enough. The other guitarist, I don't know. She was taught by some weird bugger of a teacher for the start of her playing, and I think that ****ed her up a bit. In any case, practice can often be intensely difficult, especially when I arrive having learnt all the songs, and the others have learnt one or two, if that, so we have to work through them on the spot. Seeing as none of them know theory (I mean basic - naming chords), this is enjoyable to the highest degree.
  • Hinted at previously, but getting them to learn songs is a nightmare. In all fairness, our choices are often songs I already know, and since I'm singing, I do sort of manipulate them a bit. But none of them have ever explained the songs chosen are too hard for them to play - which I would accept quite happily. It just feels like laziness a lot of the time.
  • I spend most of band practice gritting my teeth. The past two have been OK, partly because we haven't had any concerts to prepare for, and partly because we haven't been playing covers at all. But my diary for the past few months is a catalogue of rants every Wednesday. They're dissipated, the drummer never stops playing solos, the other guitarist occasionally gets distracted and sits there doing something unrelated.
  • There's a definite groove between the original trio, but I've always felt the other guitarist is out of step. In hindsight, I don't think her playing and mine have every locked together very well, and it just sounds messy. My plan was to stick to singing and rhythm and encourage her to take a more lead role, but in general, I sing the song, and play the solo, which just seems backwards and slightly lime-light-*****, somehow.
  • Our originals aren't going anywhere. This is mostly because I'm bad at writing lyrics. The other guitarist has some for a song we got mostly hammered out last practice, but I haven't seen them yet. But yeah, complete creative block on lyrics.

Sometimes I feel like I would quit if I didn't see these people so often, I wasn't so desperate for a band, and I didn't enjoy being on stage so much. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any halp?

wall of text.... I'm sure it was a good read though

EDIT: when I started playing guitar I NEVER thought a band would be in my future. I only wanted to play for myself along with my stereo, so I guess I see where you're coming from.

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They've been playing for 6 months. Cut them some slack, because quite frankly, the average person shouldn't be ready to play in a competent band until they've had a few years under their belt, unless they've practiced day and night. That goes double if they're self-taught.
As for the other guitarist, if she's not cutting it, kick her out. Problem solved.
My advice, stick with it. Encourage your friends to learn their music theory, and to practice their music. Be extremely patient too, my bands been working with a singer for a year now and he only knows 4 of our songs, while all the rest of us know like 11. However, 3 of those four songs he learned just in this last week. He's finally stepping up and learning his stuff. Your band will eventually learn to stop f***ing around, or you can always replace people. I know its not easy to kick someone out of the band, but you do have to do it sometimes. Give them time first though, most people will get better.
I wouldn't stick with it. Sure they may get better at their instruments in the future, but that won't make them learn the given songs faster.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.