I'm kind of torn between getting the Agile Ghost III new, or a used LTD EX-400 (for $350 USD) or EX-260 (for $250 USD) depending on whether or not one sells/is sold already.

I am familiar with the specs of all 3 guitars (except for the sound differences between all the pickups), but not exactly sure on which would be the best value or best suit what I play. (Lots of Death, Testament, Exodus, Metallica, Nercophagist and occasionally some Amon Amarth)
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i have never played that particular agile, although the les paul shaped ones i've played were incredible guitars. if it plays anything like those, that guitar might be hard to beat.

that being said, i would still go for the ltd. when i was buying my guitar (ec 1000) i almost went with the ex400 in spalted maple (forget the name of it). it played incredibly well, and sounded damn good. its one of the best guitars you can get for its price in my honest opinion.

if you cant find it however... i dont know. i didnt really like the sound of the 260, and havent played the agile like i said. good luck man!
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The active pups on the EX-400 will suit your styles well so half a vote in favour for that reason. The Ghost has hot passives and separate volume controls which should give a fuller range of tones. The other main difference is the nut width. The ESP is 42mm which is on the narrow side and the Agile is nearly 44mm which I would find less cramped. For me that would make it a very tough decision.
If you are playing through an SS amp, the actives on the ESP will be less of an advantage and certainly swing my vote to the Ghost.
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I own an EX-400, and I love it so very, very much. I'd say go with it. At $350 it's a great deal.
The ESP EX-400is a great guitar, I'd defently recommed it over the ESP EX-260 as its a massive upgrade tbh. You'd regret buying it in the end and wish you went for the higher end model.
agile all the way. they are such underrated guitars they are really high quality for the price
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The Agile is a good guitar but I'm very biased towards points so I'm going to say get the LTD EX-400.
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Man, I don't know, but that Agile looks ****ing SWEET.
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