Not much to say, I listened to a lot of Drudkh and other atmo-bm bands and wrote this kind of song. Vocals were done by a friend.

So yeah, the song is entitled Enslaved By Ettins and it's in my profile on top.

Drums were arranged on gp6. If anyone wants to record acoustic drums instead, I will send you the song without the drum track/a reaper project file if you will.
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I would have liked this song more if it wasn't ruined by those vocals, but it's a genre thing, and I'm not a big fan of those type of vocals. Because of them, the acoustic break felt to me like a cup of water does to a man who has wandered in the Sahara for a week. I could listen to the verse riff for a while, too, though. I just really hate the vocals and like your neofolk stuff a lot more.

Thanks for critiquing, even if it was harsh. I'm still a newbie at writing songs.
First of all, the mixing, tone and sound in general is horrendous. Vocals were not good. Grim vocals sounds really nooby and the clean vocals is as mentioned above way out of place.

It's not my genre though. I've never liked finnish (I can hear it sounds finnish) melodic black metal. Anyways, some riffs are cool and fits in as well as the melodic solo lines. Solo was not technically all good and the shredding is a bit immature (I mean not shredding itself, but your choice of notes). Try making it more interesting. (:

I liked the acoustic break, nice transition.

It's good for it's genre but vocals, solo and sound quality drags it down. It's got a lot of potential!
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Were this professional recording, it would need some work. But you did pretty good on it, all things considered.

The drums fit well, the riffing and flow was good. I enjoyed the acoustic break, and the part with the blastbeat, and the slow part right after that most, I think.

The vocals did cause some problems though. I didn't like the grainy-ness. It was like they were too loud for the mic, or your friend was too close or something. It added a certain 'grim' quality, but it didn't quite... fit. Same for the operatic cleans. The harmonies and such were impressive, but just normal cleans like those found in Nokturnal Mortum might've been better...

That's really about all I can say though. You werent kidding when you said Drudkh influenced; it really is very Drudkh sounding. Almost too much so.
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