I'm a blues guy but I want to explore and dominate all the techniques mainly used by other styles, in order to have lots of possibilities and resources if I want to play other styles (Fusion for example). The problem is that I don't know where to start, since there are lots of techniques.

Atm, I dominate bendings, legatos (and thse basic techniques), and alternate picking although I'm still a bit slow (I think I dont need to explore Economy picking becase I feel comfortable with Alternate picking and I think that ec picking wont bring me resources impossible to reach with alt picking, am I wrong?).

I want to dominate techniques like tapping, hybrid picking, sweep picking, pinch harmonics, etc.. (I think Im forgetting some of them).

Suggestions and tips are welcome, thanks!
Seems good to me...


-To practice pinches : you're gonna wanna turn the gain on your amp WAY UP.

-For sweeps, I can't really help, everyone seems to learn them differently

-For tapping, start slow, try tapping different arpeggios and chord inversions.

I would start with hybrid picking, I think that would be the most used in blues.
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IMO you should start with hybrid picking as quite a few blues guys use that technique, and it's very useful for doing fast pentatonic licks and things, as well as Giving you a bit more tonal variation
Thanks for the tips, I started now reading some things about hybrid picking. ...Any other techniques I might be forgetting...?