So we are trying to just burn our album using my computer, instead of paying for duplication. I can't seem to get it to work right. I've used Windows Media Player, Zune Player, and Acoustica MP3 CD Burner. The cd will burn, and play in cars, cd players, and the computer, but the correct information will not show up. When I put it in the computer it will usually show up with track names and numbers, and even the album title once, but never the artist, year, genre, art, and other stuff. Is there something I need to do differently, like a different program or option?
Usually the sequencer you record with, (not sure Audacity does it) will have a CD encoding section where you can add your final mixes and put in the meta data for each song as well as the overall disk.

If you are trying to rip an audio CD and make copies you may have some issue as there could be copy protection built into some CDs....and usually this is common for all DVDs.

Try DoubleTwist. It was made by the guy called "DVD Jon" who was the first to crack the DVD copy protection.
For commercial releases, a lot of times the data is pulled from the Gracenote database. It recognizes that you have a CD, for instance, with 9 songs on it where the tracks and their durations go something like this:
1. 3:45
2. 2:58
3. 3:19
4: 2:02

It goes to the database and finds all the CD's that have nine songs with the track lengths that match what you have.... in that order. The odds of any two CDs having the same number of tracks, with each track having the same length in the same order are roughly similar to the odds of being struck by lightning. That's how it knows which CD you have!

So, when you upload your data to the Gracenote database, the user is then able to be "sent" the information about their CD when they put it in the player... Windows Media Player or whatever program you're using puts in a call to GraceNote and retrieves the information.

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Not sure if Gracenote works the way axemanchris described but it seems a bit cumbersome when there is an internationally agreed standard for these things. ISRC, which is included in the Red Book standard, is a unique code for every single audio recording (it's not about the song as such) put on CD. There is also a catalogue number for most CDs that a database could easily check.

Anyway, that kind of metadata shouldn't really be necessary for you (although some countries provides this coding for free it is usually "reserved" for commercial releases) so what you need is a burning program that can add metadata that's compatible with most devices. In my experience Nero has the best compatibility but I haven't tested more than a handful applications.
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