Hey Hey. I have a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR (Black Cherry, 2008 Model) that I'm trying to sell. I'm moving to New York and don't have the money for two guitars anymore. I currently have it up on Ebay, but no one has bitten yet, so I figured I'd try here as well.

I hope it is all right to do this, since I'm new to selling gear here, but I'm just going to link to the Ebay ad since it has all my pictures. Schecter Listing

I'm looking for $450, but will ship it for free (United States only).
I bought it under a year ago, and have barely touched it. It was sold B-stock because of two dints on it (one near the bridge, one at the very bottom of the neck). They are the last two pictures on my Ebay listing. One looks bigger than it is from blurring because I can't keep my damn hands straight.

I can't think of anything else to say...so....ask any questions, and thank you!
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damn iv been looking to buy this exact model and colour for months
Im in the UK and am lookin to buy it from the USA coz the exchange rate favours me
basically giv it to me for 400, il pay for shipping. wat do u say.