Anybody else here use movielens? The idea is you sign up, rate a number of movies given to you at random, then it recommends movies based on what you've rated.

After you've rated that first lot, you can then either continue to rate random movies, or you can search for movies that are in your collection/you remember watching and rate those. Obviously the more movies you rate, the better the recommendations become.

http://movielens.umn.edu There's the link, if anyone's interested.
That is a really good idea.

I actually said that out loud when I read the first post.
does it let you watch big hollywood movies? how does it work legally?
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So basically it's like a free Netflix that doesn't stream movies? Even though you can't watch them, still a nice service.
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If only it allowed you to watch movies like last.fm let's you listen to music..

For someone like me, who doesn't own a tv and watches all of their movies on a computer that would be great. But once there is a little more integration between computers & tvs, that shouldn't be too difficult.
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So basically it's like a free Netflix that doesn't stream movies?

Yeah, I don't need this because Netflix.

If I didn't have Netflix I'd think this was pretty cool though.


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It's kinda cool.
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It's pretty cool. I joined.

Then I realized it's Netflix without watching the movies.
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