Another Left Untold song, crit4crit! This will be the last song for about a month again lol. Update on the WHTN album, 10 songs are done, 3 are under construction. Electronica new effort is 3 songs done, 2 ideas started.


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All my original (C4C) material is located here.
Good song! It's looks like author is a professional in guitar pro. Every bridge between parts very appropriate, it's absolutely complete song.
And about solo: it's very good, I love long solo)

Sorry for my bad english)
Honestly, I don't understand why people troll, I'm out to know what people think of the song, not what you think of the people... :\ Any non-trolls? :S
PSN: RokkstarX
Live: RokkyX

All my original (C4C) material is located here.
im gonna be honest, i felt like i was listening to old a7x for quite a bit of it, but that's in no way a bad thing.
i love the density this song has, even if all 12 tracks arent used, it feels very full and right
btw solo 2d was prob my favorite part, it sounded so cool to me
but my biggest problem was the ending.
i was expecting a big epic breakdown, and at least twice as much to the song as there was, it felt so powerful and epic it was crying for another 2-3 minutes
mabey more in the solos too, i dont think i heard anything fast and shreddy for a little bit, cuz this would definatley profit froma good shreddy section
overall though its a very well written and good sounding song, and personally i like it a lot
awesome job with it, but above all keep in mind it has potential for much more song added to it

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