So I started to learn Altitudes by Jason Becker today. I've been learning it very fluently and well into the sweeps until I noticed one of my issues with a specific sweep shape that always seems to get me. It's when you "roll" your finger down the strings when, say, part of the arpeggio you're sweeping is the 14th fret of the D, G, and B strings. Every time I get to one of these shapes, I'm able to play it at normal speed, but it always buzzes pretty bad. Even if I try it slowly, I'll still have the same issue. Helpppp.
SLow it down and practice pushing your fingers down hard against the strings. Either that or you have a buzzing fret, which can easily be dealt with by a file. Probablyt the fret, though, since it only happens at that one fret. Does this buzzing happen when you play any note on the 14th fret?
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Practice more.

Wow such a ****ing useful post What if he's practicing it wrong? Ever occur to you that maybe that's the case? Then your advice would leave him out in cold water with a solidified bad technique.

This is what I would do OP:
1) Start slowly, and move your speed up. Do it comfortably and then increase your speed
2) Get to a point where it just starts ringing out, now you know your max
3) Divide that by 3 or 4 until its really slow, and practice muting properly. Work your way up slowly.... its sort of like that 21 day challenge.
3b) Find out exactly what conformation is causing the buzzing, and try to focus on that

That should help
It'll take a little while to get used to fretting with the new part of your finger. Even if you're great with barre chords, this will still probably be challenging at first. It's strange to play single notes this way. Just keep playing them. If they don't sound perfect now, don't worry. You're just not used to the technique yet. Give it some time. One day, it'll just "click" and you'll wonder why you ever had trouble with it.
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