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it's not even a schecter or an epiphone.

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im confused... is this just spam or what?
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.. You are the man.

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what the fuck is going on here.
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JacobTheEdit: Hell yeah Ruben.

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I met Jesus once. Cocksucker still owes me 20 bucks.
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what the fuck is going on here.
People on the internet are very stupid.
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what the fuck is going on here.

Apparently you shouldn't be pleased with new guitars or attempt to show them to other people who might be interested in buying the same thing unless it's very expensive limited edition that very few people on UG will ever play or own.

EDIT: I could be mistaken, and this could just be a friendly heads up.
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people on UG are so jealous of Gregs and AM. it brings out the lolzzz
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I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!
I suppose a link to the thread constitutes for two of the Big Three (review, clipz nao, or pics).
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