Hey guys i got a big muff pi for my birthday and its awesome, but i don't know where to hook it up in my pedal chain.

If i run it before my wah, the distortion goes away and all you here is clean wah, but if i run the wah first the distortion overpowers the wah.

So how would you guys run the pedal chain i have a Big Muff, Crybaby, Boss DD-7 and a Digitech Whammy. I can make use of FX loop or not depending on what order you think would sound best.

Another question i have on the Big Muff is that it gives a lot of feedback when i crank my amp. Is that normal or is something wrong?
I mean it all comes down to opinion here. I have a very similar pedal set up and I've found that for my personal taste I would arrange yours as follows:

DD7--> Whammy --> Wah --> Fuzz

For me, losing the fuzz because of the wah is a much greater loss than having the wah get somewhat lost in the fuzz.

But then again, everyone here may tell you something different. Experiment with your chain and see what you like best.

EDIT: Try putting the DD7 in the FX loop.
Run it wah after fuzz.

Do what Gwogis said and put the DD7 in the effects loop as it will sound better
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