I'm thinking about buying a Jaguar or Jazzmaster, i'll be playing Alt/Indie rock.(Sonic youth, My Bloody Valentine, The XX, so on...) So i was wondering if theres that much of a difference between the two, and if anyone who owns both could give any comments that would be very welcome. Thanks.
I own both. The biggest difference is that the Jaguar has a shorter scale neck, with 22 frets. So basically it has smaller frets. Sound wise, the Jazzmaster's pick ups are warmer. Those are really the only two differences. They have the same circuitry and bridge/tremelo assembly.
The Jag will give you crisper highs, the JM, more warmth. If you like smaller necks get the Jag.
Is that really all the difference? I think i'll just go with the Jazzmaster thanks.
Well the shape of the bodies are slightly different as well. But yeah, the JM has a 25 inch scale with 21 frets and Jag has a 24 inch with 22 frets.
There are also some differences from one sub model to the next (like neck shape and type of frets) so I'd look into that as well before buying.
Which models were you considering? Like a CP Jazzmaster? or AVRI?