Hey, going away to school so I need to sell this stuff for some money, as well as the fact that I just can’t use it anymore, need the room, and don’t want good gear to just be sitting around. So this is a list of a ton of stuff to sell, and I’m not interested in trades, sorry. Also sorry for the pictures, I only have my cell phone and they are a little blurry and over exposed, if anyone is more interested in close ups I can borrow a nicer camera. One more also, I suck at putting pictures so hopefully this works.
I’m located in West Chester PA and willing to arrange driving and shipping.

Okay lets get started with a drum set
From what I can tell this is a no name kit, its pretty small and very basic. The only thing special about it is that its got a nice Sabian Splash on it. This is good for just some jamming and stuff. Asking about $60.

Next is a Strat neck from the 70s. Not a ton to say about it, its vintage and if you know what you are doing, it could be great. I don’t know the story behind the white thing on the head, sorry. Really dunno what to ask for this, maybe $100. I know the age and large headstock makes it gain some value.

Now here is a Custom Dean Razorback made through Carlino Guitars. It is a run of only 25 and is based of the RB Matt Heafy of Trivium used. Its white with a gold trim and is done very well. It also has an original floyd rose which is different and a huge improvement over the standard issued RB. Everything else is stock on it. This is in mint condition, no dings or belt marks or anything. I’m asking around $700 and I am willing to ship.

Next is a pair of 81/85 active EMGS. They have everything you need to get them going. I’ll ask $150

Next is an Epiphone Valve Junior. Great little head and is very fun to play with. Works well for pretty much everything. Asking $75

Finally there are 2 pedals. The Zakk Wylde OD Pedal, which I’ll ask $65 for and a Boss Chorus Pedal, which will be $60. Both are in mint condition.

Any questions just reply or PM! Thanks!
I'm pretty sure they are the regular ones? I believe the only difference between the ZW ones and these are just what pots they use
Okay just shoot me a PM with what hes thinking. Also there is a small Crate Cab to go with the Valve Junior for sale