I recently purchased a 6260, and it has two of the tubes pulled. I would like to keep this configuration. When you bias the amp, dyou bias it differently than normal or keep the bias as if it still had four power tubes? Thank you for any help.
I can't speak to your bugera but my experience in running at half power on my amp and talking to the builder is that your bias would be slightly higher. However, I wouldn't get to worked up about it. If you bias strictly to a number then you are doing it wrong anyway. Bias to where the amp sounds the best. Also, with my amp, if you pull two tubes like that you also cut the ohm load in half as well.

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Thanks. I know u dont do it to an exact number, but i just wanted a general idea of where to go. Again thank u! And my ohm load is actually selectable.
I actually didnt the previous owner did. But i just wanted to know this info because i like knowing how my epuipment works